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Artwork by Linda Griffin

I am originally from Delaware and have lived in Florida for the past twenty-five years. Growing up in the Northeast I spent a lot of time outdoors digging in the dirt, catching frogs and smelling flowers. My love of nature appears as a center theme throughout all of my art work. I have been an artist for over thirty years and have sold artwork to people all over the nation.  Recently my artwork was featured in a feature film.

Although I continue to draw inspiration from the natural world around me by way of watercolors, I have also recently expanded into inks on the same subject matter but, of a bit more graphic and simplified nature. I am currently also exploring painting on a variety of surfaces such as bark and creating overlays of natural fibers. I have just begun to explore pastels as well. All paintings are available as originals or a limited volume prints.  I also commission portraits of people, pets and houses upon request.  Please contact  me with all queries.

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Artwork by Linda Griffin

Saint Petersburg, FL, US